Beta Feedback

  • Thank you Ninja Theory for an awesome game and letting us test out beta via gamepass. With that being said, here is some thoughts that might be able to improve the game on the Xbox side:

    • Allow the ability to call out which point to go to. I’d rather have that than the communication wheel, unless you add that option in there.

    • When having the lock-on on toggle instead of holding down, allow an option that we can cycle through targets instead of having it on R-Down

    • Playing as the snake guy a lot, it seems to me that he gets bullied a lot. He only has two dashes, I understand for dps to be able to kill supports fast, but I don’t understand how tanks attacks just defaults stops other combos (even when playing as Miko) with their own combo. I get that tanks needs to create space, but if they can hit hard and auto stop your combos with their combos with a ton of health pool, it seems one sided. I understand it’s a team fight and not 1v1, but allow the dude some mobility or bigger health pool since he’s already dead. Tanks shouldn’t be the one able to stop supports, they should only be able to create space. They’re not dps.

    Thank you once again for allowing us to play via gamepass.

  • The 'contextual' voice command can be used to mark any objective, character, or pickup that you're focusing on. Might be tricky to do on a controller, but I've had no problem with my mouse. Hope this helps.