tier list/strongest and weakest characters

  • I would like to notice that Makutu's Leg It is broken.

    The ability is supposed to give allies and him, when activated by Y button, a bonus speed that is being applied only to allies at the moment, and not to him.

    You can try it in the Dojo by yourself, removing the cooldown in the options and trying to apply it while running.

    I love the character, would like to see it fixed, but I don't see the devs saying anything about it, and it's already reported. Although, the ability never worked as expected.

  • In my opinion they need to nerf maeve, or at very least her cage ability. A suggestion that I think would be a good balance is to have the cage spawn an emblem on the player it is going to effect and wait 1 second to drop so the player can evade if they act quickly. There is currently a way to evade in game if you happen to luckily use an evade at the same exact time maeve is dropping her cage. I think a bigger window for evading the cage would be a good balance to the character.

  • @AmazingVector I like it! I think I've learned that different characters ranks change depending on game mode and map. Gonna post about it a little later!

  • I read all the posts, I play Makutu only, he is a easy target, once enemy focus on him, he die in 1s...he is too big and too slow, tiny punch from the huge body, how come!!! Never get away from fight.

    Other characters all special and good, if you learn to play, but I really hate Maeves, seem to be the OP character in the game....I also thought there are too many shooting characters in this game...

  • Maeve is the most overpowered character ever in a game like this. Buttercup is only slightly behind. They make every single other character absolutely trivial with how someone with even a passing knowledge of the dynamics of a game can absolutely dominate with them. It's funny, there are probably people who only main these two characters and have no idea that they are doing so much more damage than anyone else, for trivial effort, while having every manner to escape or elude combat if they're targeted. No other character has it even 10% as easy.

    The rest of the tiers? Who cares? As long as your team has Buttercup and Maeve unless you royally screw things up you're going to win 99% of the time.