Beta Feedback:

  • After spending a good chunk of my weekend playing the beta, I can say the experience greatly exceeded my expectations. This game is a gem and I can see it has all of the ingredients to become a huge hit within its genre. With that said, I have a few suggestions I'd like to share for the community and team.

    1. Objective Mode

    • I would like to see the amount of points earned per kill reduced while the rate of points earned for capturing and holding objectives increased. I believe this will put a stronger emphasis on team composition and, you guessed it, objective play. I realize it took time for most beta players to familiarize themselves with the game, but many of my matches were more along the lines of a deathmatch.

    2. New Maps & Game Modes

    • Speaking of deathmatch, and assuming this is not already planned on the content roadmap, I believe more maps and game modes would be a nice touch. Launching the title on 3/24 with somewhere in the ballpark of 10 maps with 1 or 2 additional game modes is what I feel would be ideal.

    3. Keybindings

    • Two points to cover here. First, I would like to see the parry mechanic implemented as its own binding instead of being shared with the evade key. Preferably, give the player both options and let them decide whether they want it shared or separated. Secondly (this is a big one for me personally) I would appreciate the ability to change the bindings of each individual character. I have my universal bindings set, but there are many characters who I'd like tweak a bit more. More accessibility and customization is always a good thing.

    Update: I hope to see hoverboard mounting/dismounting changed to a single toggle key too. Press to start mounting up or press again to cancel it. It doesn't feel intuitive to me in its current functionality and I would imagine it feels even more sensitive on an Xbox controller.

    That's about all I've got for now. Cheers and have a good one, everyone. I can't wait to play this game again!