Bleeding Edge Feedback/Beta Review

  • Wrote to much for Discord So I'll post it here and will link this in discord

    Hero Balance


    Daemon-Feels greats probably your most balanced hero, He has great movement feels quick Does what you expect as the assassin ninja guy playing in the beta I found some animation cancels with him like his ability CDs high CDs for his dmg output smart balance. He gets a A++

    GIZMO- Feels Decent her dmg is okay and constant her CDs okay for what she is I don’t know how I feel that her RMB grenade toss indicator movement is tied to Sens made it feel really slow and unusable (on PC KBnM) I do have to say her dmg is very forgettable and gets lost in team fights its had for ppl to see that shes on them before its too late all in all shes great ranged DPS A+

    NidHoggr-Feels great perfect tank buster He gets a A++ But playing him limitation of either game engine or purposeful limitations on PC starts to show will go in further on The gameplay Section

    MAEVE- What can I say about Granny I hate her shes annoying You guys have your Symmetra She’s easily A++ kits perfect

    CASS- Straight up shes useless Shes a F- Good Idea bad execution best advice I can give you for Cass is look at Elise from League Of Legends Change Cass’s Q to a stance switch so melee or ranged make it where her Melee stance does Percentile health dmg So if you want to do high Dmg you have to be in the thick of it Give her RMB dash a reset so if you kill with it you get it back instead of the multicast lower her health to 550 or 525 make her High Risk High Reward. Right now, Daemon is the better Assassin all around.


    ZERO COOL- Right Now he’s SS tier There is no reason to pick any other support There is two reasons for this His mods You give him by default extra range on his heal and a buffed heal Even without the buff to his heal he can out heal all the dmg dealers dmg that’s a BIG problem and needs to be looked at immediately all in all though kits fine Hes A++ But too strong

    KULEV- Perfectly fine When it comes to his RMB his heal totem same problem I had with Gizmo Indicator is tied to sens so its hard to move if you use low sens on KBnM other than that perfectly Fine B+

    MIKO- Perfectly Fine Shes a B+

    Supports- All in all there fine If you do not want to Nerf Zero Cool Buff Kulev and Miko at what the do For Miko I say Give her E more based Ranged give her basic lifesteal/Heal more and let that dome come out a bit quicker as For Kulev give his Shield more base health and that curse dmg say buff that to 30-35% see how that feels But that is ONLY if you don’t want to Nerf Zero Cool if you do leave them alone there already in a good place.


    El Bastardo- His Decent his kits great his biggest problem is the Shield Hit stun absorb If your anywhere decent at CD management and keeping that shield up he can easily live 1v4 and even get a kill or two so you might want to look at that other than that he’s a A+

    BUTTERCUP- What can I say about Buttercup other than ButtercupxRoadhog Is perfect don’t touch her A+

    MAKUTU- Hes advanced please tell ppl that the fact he doesn’t have a dash or parry but that stance switch system is very different in a good way will take some time getting used to. Also who ever designed him and gave him the crab walk super slap if you hold down LMB deserves a raise I have never had so much fun chasing someone down and yelling “BRING DAT A$$ HERE!” than I have as Makutu A++

    OVERALL- I love all the heroes and they are great in their own right other than the one outlier being Cass Overall A++ on your heroes


    PARRY SYSTEM- Its okay I see what you were going for but its really hard it comes out extremely slowly doing testing in the Dojo with it Fighting EL Bastrado some with the easiest atk Chain to follow its not worth using maybe have it give stamina back with successful parries give us something back for using it reward the players who took the time to learn when to use it if you do that it would be a great asset and would be one of those small things that would separate a “Pro” player from a “Good” player. All in all, Parry System gets a C

    MODS- Nothing wrong with it but the currency I have as of Day three of the beta Daemon lvl 5, Gizmo lvl 2, NidHoggr lvl 2, Miko lvl 3, Zero Cool lvl 3, ButterCup lvl 2, Makutu lvl 3 and a Account lvl 9 was only able to buy 1 mod that is horrible. There is two ways of fixing this Lower the amount of currency needed for each mod by a decent amount we talking a 100 a mod or the better way boost the amount we get per hero and Account lvl so for every ten account lvls you get 250 mod currency essentially being a free mod as for Character lvl if my math is correct we are getting 15 mod currency per lvl which means to buy one mod I need 17 Character lvls to get 1 mod with there being 220 mods in total to get all mods I would need 3,740 character lvls in order to be able to afford all mods I shouldn’t have to explain why that’s a bad thing

    Mods get a A+ love the variety but can see a meta build coming quickly

    Mod currency gets a F- takes to long to get them to use the mods too grindy

    PC Gameplay- I can tell this game was made with Controller in mind and to be honest feels like you only cared about Controller it is playable on PC with Keyboard and Mouse but there are quality of life changes that will make it feel much smoother First being indicator control should not be connected to Sens makes it feel very slow clunky and unusable second being auto lock and lock targeting playing with mouse allows players to spin camera and to flicks which is very necessary in this game for it being twitch based not allowing PC players to use KBnM style of play leaves your PC players wanting more or feel Cheated due to control Scheme. All in all B

    All in all this game is heading into a great direction with some tweaks you have yourself a great competitive game can’t wait for next months beta and release!!