Balancing for cass

  • Two issues number one it's not her health pool is small it's her armor pool is small.
    Number two wtf is up with her low dps.

    Allow me to explain. In the character selection she's listed as an agile assassin that excels at chasing down final kills.
    If this was true she would have a much higher burst damage and a much higher ability to get out of combat. Her health pool isn't the issue it's that she has no armor to begin with. I watched this three times every other character gets to hit Cass for a minimum of 100 damage in the first hit while when case hits you the damage is at best a third of that and that's at her ranged now her cqc isn't bad but the issue is is when characters literally bat you away and make your damage 0 it sucks you can't get close you can't hit for anywhere near enough damage and on top of all that when you get paired with players who can't or WONT play the objective and instead just feed the enemy which leads to a loss.