Humble opinion

  • Sadly i think there's no check on these messages but still
    To start with, im mediocre player, diamond league, gc battlerite, red ranks tekken with some other games.
    Game feels good and i dont really want to talk about the balance because you have to understand what is needed to be done. Overall gamedesign, visuals and mechanics are great.

    But i dont understand why mount up ui animation feels so glitched. Same stands for ui on locked up target behind u (pointy arrow) that just glitchy moves. Even if it's minor things it's kinda ruining visual expirience (i hope it will be fixed).

    Dojo could use some fighting games settings like no cooldowns or just manual reset abilities. Complete reset map (character and bots position) with 1 button would also feel good.

    At last, i miss some crucial info on damage/cooldowns/interactions. This info shouldnt be in fight character select but should be in dojos. I dont even know what abilities besides m1s can be parried (due to very little playtime) but there should be info not only in special wikis.

    And music i liked in training i sadly miss in fights 😞