why is bleeding edge not free to play?

  • Free to play games are wayy more successful than pay to play.

    Sell skins instead of making the game pay to play.

  • I disagree with this its about time we got a game we had to earn our skins/emotes ect why make another cash grabber like fortnite. I do admit it's one heck of a grind in the beta and I'm hoping that Ninja theory will increase the currency/Spare parts for mods we get as 30-90 coins inst enough for one game. Maybe make coins purchasable so you can choose to buy/play your way.

  • Why would it be free to play that's ridiculous. It's already starting out at half the price of most new games right now and better than most I've paid double for. I hope they dont make in game currency buyable because then it will be "pay to win" and get burned down by the community bc the mods do affect the gameplay. I like the grind and I think that's how games should be because you actually have to put in some time and work to be rewarded. It also keeps the playerbase playing because they have something to actually play for. So many games are popular when they first come out and then become pay to win or make it way too easy to earn everything in-game that the game dies way faster than it should have.