Suggestion a revenge setup

  • I am loving this game. My only complaint is since it's melee you have to be in the middle of combat and you can find that your team abandoned you mid fight.

    It sucks to thing your 4v4ing and realise everyone but you has turned around and left. Or even worse when they fully drop out of a match and than the match is consistently you and maybe one other vs 4.

    For honor put in the revenge build up system which worked well for those kinds of setups to counter getting attacked by 4 people. Maybe don't make it as easy as for honors where it'll build just by being attacked in some cases. Have be attached to the party button for example. If you perfect party x amount of attacks from different people or something along those lines.

    Doesn't have to be that but any method that gives someone a chance in a 4 v 1 situation.


    Aside from that I'm loving the game. It's been a lot of fun and NidHogger rocks.

    Also the mod system is genius and I love it.