Bleeding edge 2020

  • Firstly and foremostly... this game is awesome. As a true RPG/PVP fan and never having a game to entie both, this game does its job 10 fold. The game is solid in the fact of 3 class styles, the use of buffs/debuffs, healing, and damage skills yet as any new game it has its downsides. Personally and opinionated i feel the tanks/deamon have too much health making the fights too long between seasoned typed players, the healers do not have enough health as apposed to the damage characters, and a few things here and there such as Gizmos turrets need a nerfing/ Deamon. as. A. Whole... needs a nerf... the tanks, in my opinion are too fast to be "tanks" and other then Gizmo and Deamon, i feel the damage do not do enough damage to be considered as "damage". Of course there are things i expect to see in a full game like the customization and more characters yet a tiny bit more balancing needs to be done. Overall though im very excited to see the outcome of this game, me and my fellow Final Fantasy/Smite players feel just as strong!

  • @ShaboiLordRo420 not sure where you're getting the tanks are too fast. El Bastardo is a turtle. And the other two have literal abilities that make them fast.