My Feedback After 5 Hours

  • So I've played bleeding edge for about 5 hours total now, and its pretty fun! And while that might not be a ton of time I do have some feedback on the game that may or may not be helpful. I love the characters and their kits and the overall style of the game, but there's some feedback I think is needed before this game would become one I'd play a bunch more. Let me just start with my main point of feedback: the game seems undecided on what it wants to be.

    To be more clear, the game seems like its at a crossroads between being a MOBA (smite) or being an arena fighter (for honor) but in trying to tow the line between these two it comes up weaker in both categories. If I had one main wish for this game, that would keep me playing it much longer, it would be that the game leans into either one of these genre.

    Bleeding edge has some VERY basic combos, to the point where really you're just autoattacking and using abilities basically, sure theres some click, click, hold-click here and there but its super super basic. And as far as reactive and skill-based rock paper scissors combat of like an actual fighting game there really is none, its just dodges and parries which isn't very in-depth or skill based either. And theres no real aiming either, all ranged attackers are lock-on and a lot of abilities are auto targeted as well. All this said these aren't really complaints, this would all be great in a more strategic type of game. If there was a game mode for pushing down lanes, capturing more in-depth side objectives, gaining and spending score on mods mid match, creep farming even perhaps. At the very basic level there's a small handful of this in the game, the damage buffs, the focus on teamfights, objective game modes, healthpacks, classes etc. But the game isn't leaned far enough into this kind of stuff, and I feel like its hurt because of it. I did hear in an interview that at one point the game was more of a moba, and I personally think it may have been a mistake to turn away from this.

    On the other side of things, the game could just as easily be leaned more into a skill based game. Add another pillar to attacks, instead of just attack/dodge/parry, maybe attack/dodge/parry/grapple/heavy attacks or something like that, just a bit more depth to the non-ability based combat. Also, this has been said a lot but the game also needs to be a lot faster in terms of the movement to facillitate this kind of gameplay as well. And ofcourse more combos in general would be nice, ways to work abilities into combos more, more juggling, more emphasis on parrying, faster time to kill, faster respawns. There's a lot that needs to be done I feel in terms of making this game feel better as a FIGHTER, because right now it really is just a MOBA with not enough strategy and teamplay in it yet.

    All in all I'm enjoying my time with the game so far, but I don't see myself playing it a ton more with what it is so far. I would personally need to see the game lean into either of its strengths and have more depth and variety for me to put a bunch more hours into it. The game needs more depth basically, either make it more strategic and MOBA-like, or make it more reactive/skill based FIGHTER-like.