Quality of Life Suggestions

  • I would like to see the social tab filtered automatically showing your friends that are currently playing the game at the top, or at least sorted alphabetically.

    I also feel like the DPS characters don't feel like DPS. The damage just isn't fast enough in my opinion. There are tons of forum posts about this type of thing so I will just ask that you go look at those rather than reiterate it here.

    I also have come across what I believe to be an oversight by the devs. Mabey I'm wrong. When killed in game, you are able to select your character if you press "H" right away. However if you wait till the death recap is over you can't select a new character till you respawn.

    I'm sure I'll come across more QoL things to suggest so I'll do my best to keep this updated.

    This game has a lot of potential and could be very good with some balancing changes and some QoL updates.