The knife reward

  • What is it and how do I equip it? It says it is in the workshop but doesn't explain how too find it or even what it is.. a little more explanation would be nice, no fun earning a reward you can't use because there doesn't seem to be an option to access it, all there is is the character select and the sun menu doesn't show anything where I might find the reward... not even a new item maker like when you get a new mod, just nothing

  • @LA-DU7CH-MA5T3R that's sub* not sun menu

  • @LA-DU7CH-MA5T3R
    Hi you can check it in the Workshop in the login screen.
    Then choose a Fighter that will equip the board.

  • @LA-DU7CH-MA5T3R I’m also having this problem. When I log in it says the the knife reward is available in the workshop also. Except when I go into the worship the knife does not show up at all under any of the characters board selections.