What's ur fav character

  • @NIKOS18 lol i see what you did there. Chappelle reference....+1

  • @mike2k132 Nidhoggr surely looks cool!! I like everyone, but Kulev, Nidhoggr and Daemon are the firsts ones that i will test.. as a Brazilian i have to play with ZeroCool to!

  • I'm really digging Daemon and Gizmo so far I think. Miko also looks really dope!!!!

  • While they all look great and I definitely have to try them all, I'm more inclined towards ZeroCool, Kulev, Miko and Maeve (cool witch grandma :D).
    Also hairy shirtless cowboy.

  • Buttercup looks fun so think would enjoy her. But i think will probally wait and see what the two mystery heroes are to decide favourite.

  • Nidhoggr, Kulev and Daemon in that specific order. Mainly due to my bias with gothic/hellish theme.

  • Being a metal-head that plays guitar, Nidhoggr is my cup of tea. Can't wait to see his customization options and play style.

  • @dizzym0th Same order and everything here. Those three definitely have the coolest design.

  • Miko - after watching the trailer and the scene where she knocks El Bastardo into the hype train had me hooked.

  • Guys let's speculate on who n what those two blank characters could be?

  • I hope they release a short story video for each character in the future

  • I'm usually a support character but I also like to be able to deal damage, pure support is boring to me. So it's Miko for sure. Hybrid DPS/Support with a main focus on healing is exactly what I like to play. Damage done is converted to a smart heal on a teammate with the lowest hp, and that Chain Heal ability reminds me of Shamans in WoW which were one of my favorite healers.

    After that, Kulev because I think his kit is powerful and will be a strong character, and he's a robotic snake using his old human body as a vessel... which is so whacky and I love it. Not to mention I can already see Mind Control being an insane Ult, making a 4v4 into a 4v3 (since Kulev will be controlling one of their players) and using that character's abilities and ult against their own team, then finishing off by planting that character on the tracks to get hit by a train... I can already feel the salty messages.

  • The favorite one is definitely a Níðhöggr. This dude is sick! XD But I like Daemon, Makutu, Miko and El Bastardo as well. I think that Ninja Theory did a pretty good job of making something for everyone.

  • Yea for some reason I feel guitar guy gonna be OP. His move set is flashy af....fire n thunder

  • The most info about the game I've heard. From the dev....check it out people

  • @mike2k132 Miko if not only for the aesthetic but her kit sounds fun as well

  • Daemon is a character I am most interested in. I like his character design, also his in-game model is pretty legit! A lot of colors and a lot of things going on in what we have seen. I kind of wish there was more gameplay vids for me to see for this game. Oh well, I hope to get into the technical alpha to try out Daemon, El Bastardo, Zero Cool, Gizmo, and a bunch of the other characters in this game.

  • @mike2k132 my bet is on El Bastardo. He's gonna be doing tons of damage

  • SO far I like Miko and based off her skills she seems to be a lot of fun, But i'm sure like everyone else here I need to see more lol. I always loved playing support in other games but a melee support will definitely be interesting.

  • @WhiteMambaEli I wanna know how kulev n his mind control thing gonna work. It 2ould be dope if the other team dont know when u controlling them but u cant take hurt them. Use a guys super on his team lmao