The Great Game Type Rework of 2021

  • This post will feature my thoughts on how to improve upon the existing Game Types as well as a potential new one. I would like to direct you to my post on how to fix Power Collection as I will be referencing the changes I listed in that post in this this post just that I won't be going into as much detail here as I did there. The majority of this will be changing map mods to be more entertaining/fair and explaining a new game type. Imagine all bugs and mods related to the game and these map mods specifically (like the cages in Cell Mates allowing certain ranged attacks to pass through them) to be patched.

    Map Mods:
    -Open Season- make it so there is a brief period in between objectives being available for capturing: by using the normal Objective control formula of having 20(?) seconds where no objectives are available will allow teams to group and have a breather before setting up to capture. This will encourage a bit more team play in the map mod and also help prevent teams from being triple capped for extended periods of time.
    -Hot Potato- make the damage bonus equivalent to the damage amplification: by making these equal teams will still have some incentive to collect cells instead of just letting their opponents get majority and then quickly dispatching them with the damage modifier advantage. This is another Jules idea, as far as I remember.
    -Kill Streaks- decrease the amount of damage per stack to 2%: this will make the map mod a bit less of a snowball match while still giving a massive damage bonus to players who get killing blows and live to tell the tale.
    -VIP- make it so both teams have a VIP at the same time: this way both teams have someone to protect as well as a target to eliminate. When one VIP is killed the other VIP will reset making it so the teams are racing to get the VIP points.
    -Cell Mates- make it so the cells spawn more often but they are on the map for a shorter duration: this way the cells stay on the map for the same amount of time overall but they wouldn't cut off players from their team for quite as long.

    Game Types:
    -Power Collection- change the pattern that the objectives are available and lower the amount of cells that spawn as the game progresses: by making it so the pattern of objectives that are available for turning in cells become single turn in, double turn in, double turn in, and single from then on players should have enough opportunities to get rid of their cells before the match becomes single delivery point for the rest of the match. By lowering the number of cells that spawn from 15 every collection phase to 9 every collection phase after the third turn in phase teams that already have a lead will have an easier time maintaining their lead and it will encourage teams to group up more to fight over the limited amount of cells.
    -Odd Ball- a new game type that would combine the idea of collecting something while staying in a particular area: combine both Power Collection and Objective Control to create a new game type. A Ball will spawn at each objective point in the same pattern as Objective Control (single Ball, double Ball, and triple Ball until one team nears the score limit at which there would only be a single Ball spawn). A Ball is picked up by walking over it (like a Cell) and as long as the player stays near the pick up location they score a point every second (the size of the Scoring Zone they have to stay in to score points would be larger than a Cage in Cell Mates but there would be variety on the size of the Zone depending on the map). If the player holding a Ball leaves the Scoring Zone the Ball disappears for 5 seconds and respawns at the objective it spawned at initially. Players could only score points if they are on the ground (this is to counter Cass and Azrael staying airborne for as long as they can). If you are carrying the Ball both teams can see you regardless of abilities or the environment (this is to counter Daemon's Cloak) and the Ball carrier takes bonus damage. Map Mods would still apply to this game type as normal (if Hot Potato is active then the Ball carrier takes even more bonus damage).

    I believe these changes would improve every SINGLE match except for the ones beyond repair (aka unbalanced teams/trolls). With these changes people wouldn't cringe at seeing Open Season and Power Collection would feel like a better competition.

    I'm considering doing a "Core Game Play Rework" post as well taking ideas from other players and mixing in my own for how to improve the game as a whole. Look out for that one if you have been enjoying these.