Future Hero Design: what kind of additions the roster needs

  • Looking at our current roster our issue is a few things. Poor balance in the forms of the neglected El Bastardo, overly nerfed Miko, the reign of Zerocool, overly buffed Makutu, and the existence of Nidhoggr Shredder spam. These are cases of unbalance that makes it difficult to predict future additions since we are currently playing a game that is skewed. Only once these Heroes are balanced can we the view the game properly since we are currently viewing it through "warped glasses."

    Assuming these "problems" are acknowledged and changed what should the next Hero(es) be? Because I enjoy all roles, to a certain extent, I'm going to go ahead and put out a framework for what styles of Heroes should be added.

    Damage -
    Next Hero should be in the damage category. We've gotten a tank, a support, what we need next is a melee dps. Assuming Nidhoggr gets nerfed, or at least Shredder spam gets nerfed, we will have 2 melee dps, 2 ranged dps, 1 hybrid. Cass, the hybrid, is played mostly like a ranged hero and only uses her melee when it is safe enough. Because of this and Nid Shredder we have essentially 1 melee and 4 ranged dps. We need another solid melee hero.

    Something bruiser like. A bruiser is a damage dealer who has tank like durability. Currently we have two: Nid and El Bastardo fit this description. Having another might seem excessive but we also have plenty of assassins: Daemon, Cass, and Maeve (sort of).

    Support -
    After we get another melee dps we probably want another support. Preferably a burst healer to challenge Zerocool. No matter how they nerf Zero or buff other Heroes, Zerocool will always be an attractive option. Recharge, Firewall, Nitro Jump, and 1Up are so good that as long as he has them it will be hard to justify NOT picking him.

    Support should be a category of heroes who need assistance and excel at assisting others. A ranged burst healer sounds good, similar to Zero, all they need is to provide different utility. A few thoughts: revive, move speed buffs, cloaking, damage resistance are just a few things a new support could bring to the table to weaken Zerocool's grasp of support.

    This category could be tricky. We already have enough play making potential and disruption in Buttercup and Makutu while El Bastardo and Mekko work best as a second or off tank roles. To add another tank to this game the devs would have to consider what is missing. There isn't much missing at all when you look at them. Makutu needs to be toned down and El Bastardo needs some love.

    A new tank would have to have something the rest of the cast doesn't have while avoiding stepping on the toes of who/what is already in the game. We could use a tank with a barrier, something like Miko's. We could use a tank who creates terrain like Zerocool and his Firewall. For the most part I would like to see an adaptive design: one that can be used defensively or offensively given the situation.

    General additions -
    Although some of these already exist it would be nice to see them expanded or give them the possibility of being more regular in design. Spell Vamp is the ability version of Life Steal. A portion of the damage a Hero deals with abilities is returned as health to the caster. We have this in Maeve but only on one ability while El Bastardo has it but his returns shields instead of health. Could be cool if a Hero had this affect across their entire kit.

    Hybrids are interesting and I wouldn't mind seeing more of them especially if they had a focus on melee instead of ranged. I love you Cass but melee with you is risky business.

    Although the way the Heroes are currently divided is accurate (damage, support, tank) I wouldn't mind if damage and tank merged with two Heroes. Nid and El Bastardo get pulled into a new category, Brusier, which would more accurately represent their play style of durability and damage. Nid would need Shredder to be toned down and life steal toned up while Bastardo needs love in general but I feel like this would help players more accurately tell at a glance what these Heroes do and how they play.

    More or less a general and quick gaze into my thoughts on Hero design, future and current.