Supers: the Good, the Bad, and the pointless

  • It feels like I make a post, every couple of weeks, to spark a bit of discussion. Seeing as how the devs couldn't care less, it is up to us to keep talking. Seriously though, NT, if your done with the game let us know so I don't waste time on a dying project.


    I'm going to go through the Supers and give my opinions on them. If something is too weak I will suggest changes. There isn't a Super that comes to mind as being OP unless it is something that is flat out broken (like Azrael's Chrysalis being able to go through floors).

    Daemon -
    Shadow Strike - Good. Melts tanks, becomes invulnerable, with the right mods and a DB the damage is absurd. It deals percentage health damage so no matter who you are, it hurts.
    Deathmark - Bad. It has less single target damage than Shadow Strike and isn't capable of melting teams (at least not as easily as Shadow Strike). Deathmark needs a buff to its duration, CD, or damage to be a realistic option.

    Gizmo -
    Mini Mech - Good. Powerful shield and no move speed reduction for shooting enables Giz to move at full speed while "glacking" making her good at chasing. The flamer burns tanks. The only downside is you can't use your normal abilities so be sure to use them before jumping in the mech (they are refreshed upon exiting so you will always have a bouncer to escape with).
    Rokkit - Okay. This Super is more of a joke than anything else but if you reach maximum damage it is actually really good. This makes it mod/map dependent but not outright bad.

    Nidhoggr -
    Ride the Lightning - Good. Long stun, meh damage, the only true downside is that you have to rely on teammates to make use of the Super while you keep opponents pinned down. If they don't frag then you might as well have brought the other Super.
    Death Growl - Very good. Burst damage, long silence, and you can keep fighting after casting. This Super is better than Ride the Lightning because you don't have to rely on teammates but Ride the Lightning is the best Super for setting up big "wombo combos" so a coordinated team and proper team comp should get more use out of Ride the Lightning. For solo queue use Death Growl, it's safer and easier.

    Maeve -
    Toil and Trouble - Bad. Massive damage, sure, but with a long and easily interrupted cast time along with an incredibly slow projectile this ability is easy to dodge. The SMALLEST piece of terrain will completely nullify the damage, Miko can block it, Makutu can erase its damage. If the projectile accelerated it would be roughly the same effectiveness at close range but if its target can't get to cover quickly it will reach them. This needs a change.
    Peek a Brew - Very good. Gap closer, stun, burst damage. Solid Super.

    Cass -
    Blade Dance - Okay. Low AoE damage unless you build correctly and get a DB, but it is easily interrupted. This Super is successful only when opponents don't stun her out of it. Since the ability is reliant on your opponents team composition/knowledge I cannot be convinced this is a good Super. I am a Cass main and honestly, this Super isn't great. The only thing that enables it is your opponents foolishness.
    Divebomb- Okay. Burst damage, stun, invincibility during the duration. Sounds good? It should be good but seeing as how weak Cass' base kit is this Super doesn't feel strong since it is still reliant on Cass. If you can't kill quickly afterward or flat out miss, which is easy to do considering evades, the Super does next to nothing. She is already the most mobile hero in the game so its not like the added mobility is truly a benefit. The invulerablity is the only thing keeping this from being a "bad" super.

    Miko -
    Life Force - Pointless. Like Blade Dance, easily stunned. This ability should not get a full cast off. But to make matters worse all it is is Zerocool's heal beam and it doesn't even heal as much. Lol. Seriously. You have to invest in mods to make the ability even remotely good. Buff the healing per second or make some of the mods for it built into the Super.
    Stalker - Good. Whats odd is that this Super is used incorrectly. It should be used to engage and dive on squishy heroes. People instead use it for disengage and it works well. Solid Super even though the healing is a joke.

    Kulev -
    Bamboozle - Good. Easily interrupted but other than that this Super is great. Instant kills with assistance from the enviorment or holding down a target for your team to wail on them.
    Boon - Bad. Too team reliant. It needs something or a CD reduction before this Super becomes appealing.

    Zerocool -
    Upgrade Protection - Pointless. The damage reduction is nice but Mekko has it on a basic ability. Like Life Force, why bother bringing this?
    1Up - Very good. Comes in clutch, completely turns a teamfight around. Use this Super.

    Azrael -
    Chryssalis - Hard to call, currently bugged, I'd say good. Goes through the floors, NT, get it together. The best way to use this Super is only for the damage and the best way to do that is get cheeky by gliding above the teamfight. Why heal one ally a little bit when you can chunk a whole team?
    Wing Blast - Very good. Shortest CD of all the Supers, great disengage, can wipe a whole team with an enviornmental. A bit reliant on the mod that increases its push range but other than that it is amazing. Use this Super.

    El Bastardo -
    Overload - Bad. Low dps, short duration, the mods don't even help. Needs some serious buffing (as does the hero) before this Super should be used.
    Unbreakable - Very good. With the right build (increase damage as you lose hp and Death Spiral damage increase) you can keep the Super going indefinitely (assuming your opponents stack on you). Even without a troll build this Super is great. Use it.

    Buttercup -
    Turbocharge - Very bad. Oh lord, never use this thing. The damage is pathetic, the lifesteal is barely present, the increased health is pointless. If this Super buffed her CD's or even just her Burl it would still be pretty bad. This either needs to be replaced or tremendously buffed.
    Burnout - Very good. Interrupts, invulerable, burst damage. The holy trinity.

    Makutu -
    Katamori - Pointless. Mekko has this in his base kit and Mekko's is better. The fish can fly while Makutu just rolls around. It's only good for trolling and juggling people into corners.
    Can't Touch Us - Very good. Makes an entire team invulnerable. Even if the duration is short by default the potentional damage mitigation is absurd. Use this Super but if I catch you cheesing, I'm coming for you.

    Mekko -
    Sonic Deathray - So bad I don't even know the name for certain. Don't use, devs replace it, the mods don't help. This ability is only good for trolling, and the only people getting trolled is yourself for being the prick for choosing it.
    Exclusion Bubble - Very good. Interruption, denies healing, denies objective contesting, and the mods for it are amazing too. Mekko's isn't very good right now, mostly because of Makutu's dominance, but this Super will always make Mekko have a serious advantage over other Heroes and can carry a team.

    This might be a lot to take in and if I insulted your favorite Super, I am sorry. That being said some Super's are just bad. If you want to improve then just take what I'm telling you and give it a try. Many of these Supers have hidden tricks. For example Stalker makes her whole team invulerable. This means she can help her entire team escape a Ride the Lightning. Pretty powerful stuff.