No movement in meta.

  • I took a break from BE for a min and I was aware of the update changes but the top plays are still cell hoarding, nidhogger spamming shredder over and over again from a distance, and makutu stun locking. Seeing not much has changed post patch ( are we still pretending double healer comp is still viable post patch?) , what happens now? The same jank is happening pre update.

  • @CelestialUmbran Well, although what you are saying overall is correct, the meta has shifted from what is was pre-patch. To my recollection the pre-patch was something along the lines of Mekko, Zerocool, Miko, and Shredder Nid. Nowadays we are looking at Makutu, Zerocool, Shredder Nid, and Azrael however some people swap in Daemon or Gizmo but that really only happens because people want to make them work or they are just better with them.

    The meta has stagnated from the sheer weight of how OP Makutu is, Zerocool being the best support, Shredder Nid is such easy and consistent DPS, and despite double support being weakened the addition of Azrael has made double support pretty solid (as long as Azrael is with Zerocool). He can keep Zero alive, from borderline anywhere, while sustaining himself. His Portals are amazing mobility/escape. Chrysalis is powerful zoning (not to mention a smidgen bugged) if you use it right. And Wing Blast is enviornmental kills galore. His DPS isn't huge but he can duel while simultanesouly burning down other opponents inbetween some cheeky Chrysalis bombs.

    This meta is different from last patch, sort of, but it has been stale for a while. The only reason it has gone on this long is that we haven't had a new patch in what, 2 months? If we don't get a patch pre-Xbox series X they will have to release one along with the new console to make the game compatible with the new platform. I would think they are planning to do rebalancing along with the compatibility patch but since the devs have elected to be silent I honestly can't tell ya. Maybe we will get an update detailing what they have been working on. Don't bet on it being soon (I'm not trying to hurt your feelings devs, or even call you out, but I'm also not going to defend you).

    I wish there was some good news hidden within my post but there is not. If you're playing a really close, competitive match, you will be seeing mirror matches galore.