Future Hero: Bigass Sword Dude

  • Theorizing a future hero rarely results in that character becoming a reality but its fun to bring my thoughts to the forums of what could be a cool hero/abilities that could be incorporated into future designs. All you really need to know is they have mechanical arms, has a big ass sword, and rides the sword like a surfboard for their mount. This Hero would be within the Damage category but would use a defensive play style since they lack mobility to gap close.
    Passive- charged strikes. Hero can charge each animation for bonus damage and to make the attack unblockable (like Makutu's Huaki uppercut). The charge duration gives players plenty of time to dodge or cast abilities so this SHOULDN'T be too op. Unlike the Huaki uppercut I would assume this Hero wouldn't be able to inflict hit stun on tanks or shields. Maybe they should, not sure.
    Hidden passive- like BC and Cass who have unique attack animations from their mount, so would this Hero. Most basic animations would be wide cleaving blows while this animation could be a front flip slash.
    Ability 1- rocket fist. An extendable punch that inflicts low damage and a short stun along with knockback. If the knock back sends the target into a wall they take bonus damage and a long stun. This is a common ability in MOBAs so I forsee this ability coming to BE eventually.
    Ability 2- counter stance. Hero becomes invulnerable for a short duration and then performs a 360 degree attack. Damage increases depending on how much damage is absorbed. There would be a maximum amount of damage the hero can take so once they reach that threshold they would immediately perform the counter attack.
    Ability 3- hover juggle. Hero overloads their blade's hover tech and sends himself and nearby enemies into the air. Enemies take no damage but are stunned while rising. Easy set up for juggling and can be used for vertical mobility.
    Super 1- execution. Hero slams their sword down quickly and sending forth a shockwave. Damage is increased against targets with low hp. Attack would have long range and travel time meaning the player has to lead the target in the same manner as a Sucka (this attack would be a thin line commonly referred to as a "skill shot" and could hit numerous targets).
    Super 2- maximum effort. Hero overloads their augments and empowers basic attacks. For a short duration all basic attacks are considered "charged" and the hero gains super armor. This would feel like an offensive version of Bastardo's Unbreakable. Since the Hero lacks mobility it wouldn't be difficult to escape them during this super.

    Overall I am reusing abilities and concepts seen in similar games as well as taking from things that are already in BE. Obviously this is a rough draft of a hero but they have qualities that we can expect to see in future heroes.

    Interested in thoughts from the community.