Trying to Squad Up to Win/Have Fun

  • After 13 days (in-game time) of solo queuing I finally decided to group up. I had a swell time. I would like to continue that by finding some people who have a similar mindset to the game and would like to stack up for both fun and to win. Before going any further I'm in the US, East Coast, near Washington D.C. so I would prefer players in that area in order to get the best ping but honestly I'm interested in whoever wants to group. I also work a 9 to 5 job so the amount that I can play during the week is limited. I'm also working on moving out but Covid has delayed that so there will be times when I will have family obligations.

    To elaborate on what I mean by "to win/have fun" would be that I definitely want to win but not at the sacrifice of not enjoying the game. To that end I would prefer positive people or at least those that aren't liable to rage/quit if we were to go up against a tough match up (another 4 stack of higher rank/skill/WR). I also would like to try some team comps that can pull off crazy WOMBO COMBOS. Things like using Mekko's Life Line or Azrael's Portal to make big boi plays.

    Another thing I've been thinking about is the possible future of tournaments. If that becomes a common occurrence I would prefer to have a group that I'm familiar with, so practice now rather than later.

    A bit about my actual profile: thetruepilliger

    Win Rate sits around 59-60% with a positive win rate on all heroes (Maeve is barely above 50% and my highest is mid 60's).

    Current leaderboard rank is under 50 (last I checked) but that is mostly to do with playing in a 4 stack to climb. While solo queuing I'm usually between 70 and 120. The leaderboard is also confusing so I'm not sure if anyone does, or should care about the leaderboard.

    I play basically everything. I'm best at dps and support but can tank when the time calls.

    Please look at my in game profile to fact check my stats and to see how it changes if you show interest in this post after it has been up for a while.

    Looking forward to playing with or against you all.

  • Hey. I added and talked to you on xbox chat. Answer me there so we can talk about this post of yours. Thanks bro!