Azreal's mod don't work

  • The mod called "Riding High" does not work.

    The mod states "self-healing from soul eater is 15% more effective while gliding"

    I've tested it in Dojo plenty of times, but I always get the same amount of healing if I didn't have it equipped.

    I even tested it with multiple stacks of soul eater, but no change.

    15% is alot, so there should be at least a little difference.

    Tbh, I don't think any of Azreal's damage mods work either. I've got 21% damage stacked with my mod build, and it takes only 3 hits less to kill someone than without these mods equipped. (4 combos with, 4 combos and 3 hits without)

    This is only soul eater stacked with one person. I even tried stacking soul eater with 2 more characters for 4 with the void wave. That's 4% + 4% + 5%= 13% with the Aggro mod plus the 16% from mods Easy Mark and Juiced totalling to 29%.

    With all this, it's still taking 4 combos to kill someone. One or 2 of these mods are broken forsure because I should be killing them in 3 combos.

    This isn't the only character to have broken mods either, and some of them I can't really test accurately. Gizmo's default damage mod is broken as well just to name one.

    The developers should actually test the mods they put out cause it's affecting the quality of matches.