Azrael can Portal through the gates before the game starts

  • I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet. But I’ve seen it twice. Once in my team and once in the enemy team. Azrael can basically place a portal somehow (I wasn’t able to do it myself), and get out along with his whole team before the game starts.

  • Me to I see the other team use azrael go through the gate in cells objective!

    They came in the middle of the map and they catch the cells before my team come!

    This update with this noop skill and some glitches in this game so bad

    About the dev they in sleep mood!

    Ninja Theory
    خرا عليكم جميعا!

  • Since other people will use it against you, here's how you do it.

    Move AZRAEL against the gate and have him face it. He will open his portal on the opposite side. Aim your own portal anywhere inside your spawn WITHOUT making Azrael turn away from the spawn doors.

    Thankfully this isn't super game breaking but it still needs to be patched.

  • For now just start Make sure you have an Az at game start. Do the portal thing and quickly switch characters.
    Fun for everyone!