New additions to the game

  • I really want to enjoy this game but the problem is that there is no balance you are either on the winning side or losing side and it is rare to find a balanced team plus there needs to be more game modes because there are only just 2 modes so here are some ideas.

    1."Balanced boost", when a player leaves it almost takes a minute or more to find a replacement, giving the other team a unfair advantage so to counter this I thought of giving the other team a boost like a damage\defence increase and faster cool down and stacks with less teammates and decreases with more, it starts from .5x to 2x and finally 4x.

    2.More game modes, simple as that, I thought of 3 game modes, first one is team deathmatch where one team needs to get 25 kills to win and the objective points can act like healing, attack or defence boost stations where one will activate randomly picking the 3 boost options, the next is ctf where a flag will spawn from one of the 3 points and you have to deliver it to your side of the map 3 times to win and when you get the flag you are exposed and you cant use your abilites or supers if you use your board you automatically drop the flag and if you are cass you move slower, the last one is payload where one needs to escort a payload full of stolen augments from point a to point c in 3 minutes and time will increase by 1:30 when it reaches point b

    3.Matchmaking, improve the system where both teams are at near levels and skills.

    Thats my additions to the game hope you like it.

  • The Developers are so busy with Lebanese Azrail it’s much important than fixing the game glitches and some game problems!

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    خرا عليكم جميعا!