Looking for a semi serious but not really group!

  • Looking for a group with preferably with happy go luck adults that at least know how to play the game but don't get to worked up over it. A group that's not afraid to experiment with team comps.

    Like I'm looking forward to a full support team when Azreal comes out. Right now I do love seeing how far my 3 support teams fair with a Mekko. (Hilarious mind you)

    4 Tanks just for shits? Why not! As long as everyone knows how to play objectives
    I'm down.

    I'm |WorstPlayer|

  • Dude, we played together a couple of times IIRC. You’re not the “worst” 😄

    I’m in. Nitro8472. My favs are Gizmo, Cass, Maeve, Kulev, and BC.