Add new character

  • My idea would be to create a contest where the community would assemble their character designs with their own skills and history, and whoever was chosen would enter the game, of course with their due By ninja theory

  • This would give me more incentive to draw/design!
    Doubt this will pop but super dope idea.

  • @SrF84 I don't think I've ever seen a company do that

  • @Slurpee15OW

    One did that I'm sure of. Forgot what game it was. I want to say "Power Stone" but I might be wrong. I don't think the next installment of the game actually made it to the shelves though.

  • @I-WORSTPLAYER-I It would be more like a gift to the community, like for a long time supporting the game, helping to create new mechanics for the expanded game and expanded range of possibilities.
    Like I have an idea for a character that uses portals but ninja theory will do that already; -; .