Matchmaking issue

  • I’m gonna try to say this as nice as possible because this game is giving me a brain aneurysm. Fix the fooking matching I’m so tired of have these low level kids on my team when I’m lvl 50 the I go against a team that’s lvl 80+. No chance I’m gonna carry these kids. I’m getting put in these games that’s guaranteeing me an L which is not fun. Make the low levels play with the low levels and high levels play with high levels.

  • Yah same problem with us, this is so bad when you have 3 new players they doesn’t fight or collect cells .

    It’s like Father and Kid’s situation when you ask them for help or fight or collect cells but sometimes I play with high level players against high level players in different matches it’s so exciting to play with them even if you lose the match and less you play a normal match

    They must fix this problem I can’t talk with anyone in my team and ask hem for fight or collect!

    And dev make new update with new map and character but no information about fixing this problem!

    And last

    خرا عليكم Ninja theyore :’(