the game needs to be optimized in every aspect

  • Cordial greetings to the entire community and to the developers of this fun game. In this small paragraph I want to express the situation that most slows down the entry of new players from all regions, and this situation is the lack of optimization of the game in general; Although the graphics section is practically beautiful, we know that for the game to become more popular it needs to have a lower optimization standard than the current one to allow the entry of more players and I took as reference the optimization of some maps, which unfortunately they are without a graphic balance and the game has high and low fps spikes; I think this is what affects the game the most since I have tried it in different types of computer configuration and low-end computers run the game so to speak but with difficulty; I am not an expert in animation or anything that has to do with video games, I am just a casual gamer but I have many friends who have the game and complain about the spikes in frames and the lag it gives in the game, and I wanted to participate and give my opinion in this forum to publicize the situation suffered by some and see if a solution to this problem can be given
    Thank you for your attention and it is a pleasure to enjoy this game that in my opinion is the best and unique in its genre.