Makutu and Gizmo rework

  • Love the daily quest addition, and it really shows that the developers actually care about our opinions 🙂

    Part of that update asks us how we feel about Makutu, and my only concern with him is his body slam move. Normally, I wouldn't complain about any other characters slam move, but for some reason, his seems too over powered. Not with damage, but because 1) He's an uninterruptable tank and 2) It feels like it's treated as an AOE attack.

    I've seen so many people exploit that move over and over and over again, (you know who you are) and it really just needs to be tweaked in some way. Maybe reduce the size of the hitbox or increase the amount of time it takes before he can perform the slam again. Those are just my suggestions, but I'm sure there's a better solution.

    As for Gizmo, the only problem I have with her is 2 of her mods. The default mods that give her basic attack damage +7.5% and Sucka skill +15% are basically useless.

    I tested them out in the dojo and found absolutely no increase in damage for either attacks even on the most spongiest character Daemon. With or without Sucka mod, it takes away 1 block of health. With or without basic attack mod, it takes 7 or 8 individual shots to chip away 1 health block.

    I even timed how long it takes to kill Daemon at full speed gun rotation, and the difference is maybe 1 second less with the mod.

    I like to make damage or Defense based builds with my characters, so this was very disappointing to discover. I don't know if it's a glitch or not, but if not, I think the damage needs to be increased for these mods to make more of a difference.

    What are your thoughts, players and developers?