Buff mukutu and nerf buttercup

  • Buttercup does a lot of dmg, and has god tier crowd control which is fine but she pops shit to easily with it. Increase her cooldowns, and or buff mukutu to deal with crowd control better because leg it seems like it’s the solution but it’s lack luster

  • The first thing that needs to change about Buttercup, is the fact that you can't dismount her!! Why ? Either give this perk to all the tanks, or don't give it to someone who is already bloated with abilities.
    As for Makutu, the changing stances are a great opportunity to have a really dynamic character, but nope. The repelent is completely freaking useless (even with the mods). The devs need to make each one of his abilities be affected by the stance he is using. So he would have a really dynamic and fun playstyle which rewards players for using the right abilities at the moment.