• My games have been a lot more laggier since the mekko patch. I rubberband a little bit more. Before the patch I rarely saw lag even though a lot of people were complaining about it but now I kinda see what they were talking about. I play on Xbox if that helps and also I don’t know if this is a bug or lag but there are times when someone is super low and I kill them and hear the ding but they comeback a second later still running from me so I gotta chase then down again to make sure they die. I feel like the lag helps them when they are super low on health. Besides that I absolutely love the game and can’t wait for rank to come out.

  • Hello there @A-Bigshu! We appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention. The lags you are experiencing in the game are still an ongoing issue and the devs are still working on it to make sure that it will be optimized and smooth for everyone.

    Also, we would also appreciate if you could send us an in-game bug/glitch report that you happened to experience:

    Thanks and may you continue to enjoy the game!