Concepts of a Badas$ Fighter Vol.1 - Codename: Gwenwyn

    • Hello Devs and everyone else sparing some time to read all this!

    • First of all, gotta say I'm really enjoying this game, and greatly beacause of that, some ideas started poppin' up over general aspects of gameplay that I thought that would fit nicely into the game, culminating in some concepts of fighters! It would be really really cool if someone from the dev teams could stop by and take a look, and even more cool if you people could spare some time to consider the viability of any of whats in written here! Thanks in advance.

    • Long-ranged damage dealer, specialist in toxins. Gwenwyn excels at controlling areas of the battlefield while dealing cadenced damage with her special concoctions of toxins, manipulating them at her will.

    • Most proeminent augmentations:

    • Both hands, with sharp metalic claws and small spaces and holes from which her toxins are released.

    • Both legs, with spaces in both calves that are actually hovering thrusters.

    • Gwenwyn has 750 base HP, and her basic attacks are small needles made of condensed Posion that cause 18 DMG.

    • Passive: Her basic attacks apply 1 stack of Noxious Spores to the enemy with every 3rd hit after the first, up to 4 stacks, lasting 5 seconds. Every stack applied resets the duration and increase her basic attack damage in 5 Points.

    • Special 1:

    • Gwenwyn launches foward a cloud of poisonous gas, causing 100 points of DMG over 5 seconds on hit. Upon reaching the target location, the cloud lingers in a circular area for 6s, causing 30 DMG/s and appliyng 1 stack of Noxious Spores /s, up to 4 stacks. It also causes a 20% Slow, that lasts for 2 seconds outside of it. (15 seconds Cooldown, which triggers only after reaching target location).

    • Special 2:

    • Manipulates Poison to form a solid lance that she hurls at selected target, causing (40 + 10 per NS stack) DMG, shattering upon impact. Enemies near the target are hit by the shards, receiving 60 DMG over 3 sec in case they have a least 1 stack of Noxious Spores. (9 seconds Cooldown)

    • Special 3:

    • Upon activation, Gwenwyn gains 10% bonus Moviment Speed for 4 seconds. Each enemy with a least 1 stack of NS near her grants additional 2% bonus. Secondary effect is lost if she moves too far away from them. (11 seconds Cooldown)

    • Super 1:

    • Gwenwyn launches multiple Poison lances in all directions and demarcates an circular Area of Effect around her. Lances instantly apply 4 stacks of NS, and causes (20 per 100 missing Health /s) DMG as long enemies are within the AoE, which lasts for 7 seconds. Outside of it, the effect lasts for 2 sec only, and cause (10 per 100 missing Health /s). The AoE is not fixed on the ground, but instead moves with her. Enemies with all 4 stacks prior to the activation are rooted for 1.5 seconds on hit.

    • Super 2:

    • Quickly lunges at selected target, slashing it to cause (100 + 10 per 50 Points of Max Health) DMG. Target also leaves behind an trail of liquid Poison when moving, which works identically to the miasma cloud of Special 1. Effect lasts for 4 seconds.
      The victim takes the 30 DMG/s even if does not walk over the trail, but does not receive NS stacks from it.

    Thanks for reading all the way down here, and as a fellow Misfit said in this also pretty nice post of a fighter concept, I do realize this might not be the most urgent matter or a top-priority suggestion, but it would be really awesome if all this could be taken into consideration! I surely enjoyed writing about her and I hope it come across!

    Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

    All numbers are based on testings made to measure damage caused by the other Fighters, and yeah, there are no Mods for now, might add them later though.