things to make the game more rewarding / interesting.

  • IMHO, I would love to see these small changes in the game to it make it enjoyable / rewarding. (excuse my english) Please share your constructive ideas.

    1./ Kill Feed / Scoreboard:
    they should make getting / assisting a kill more rewarding with an announcement text or something.
    scoreboard for people who cap points / deliver shell to encourage people to play objective more.

    2./ End game screen:
    they have final play, sometime its good sometime its bad; but after that it goes to experiences screen, why not show the highlights of the player (they already have that), so at the end of every game you get to watch your own highlights, that keep you wanna come back to play more. That's pretty dope.

    3./ Ping system / text chat:
    we should have a "Thank you" or "I need healing" or "Well played" so players can praise each other. Thats one way for players to keep the game more interesting.