Game feels laggy and jerky. How servers work in this game and is there a host?

  • I have 600'000mb Internet and live in Switzerland so my Inet is very good and stable.
    The game feels very laggy and it feels like 2 out of 10 games have ok connection and 1 out of 20 games let me feel like the host, when there is absolutely no lag and frame rate issues. Most of the time the connection is like i play with Mexican and Brazilian people.
    Can anyone explain me how the game server works and what kind of server they run?
    Do i play with people outside of europe?
    Do they have servers in europe?

    And also please work on the people die twice bug, im shure it comes from connetion and server issues.
    I know you read the thread about it and i hope this is your top priority to fix because a game who is laggy most of the time is not fun to play.