Feedback as a new player

  • Hello,

    I got the game on Steam some days ago. Got to say i like the concept a lot. Pvp arena games based on objectives is, imo, the best formule from my long experience in the matter.

    The character design are awesome too. Special mention for Buttercup.

    Now. The gameplay is quite simple. In 5 min you learn everything about your character. It's not an issue tho, why not ?

    From what i could experience, the biggest issue is that random teams fight premade. In a game where you can't carry by yourself the rest of the team it's just not possible. Coordination is everything in this game. If the team isn't using micro or don't want to listen to advise AND if the enemy team is a premade you can pretty much stay afk in your base.

    It's not because it's objective based, it's because the game mechanics are such that you can't defeat several enemies by yourself even if you outskill them. A healer won't deal burst damage, a damage dealer will have 0 sustain, a Tank still get rekt in 1v2.

    I think it's due to auto aim for range attack. What ever you do and as good as you do it, you'll take damage.

    The thing is, most of the time, because of that, it's either stomp or get stomped. Sometimes you have balanced match where both teams are random but that's far from being the majority.

    The other thing that is caused by those game mechanics is that if your healer does not master his character, you are so fucked up. There is no individual sustain. Buttercup self heal is shitty as fuck for exemple. I don't know why it's so bad given the fact she has no shield. Whatever.

    Obviously if you play with friend you aren't going to experience those issue but as a solo the game is extremely frustrating. You can't control what your teamates do and still the game tell you that without coordination you're fucked.

    If there was a chance for us to snowball by our own, then it will be different. Good solo players would be able to carry bad teamates.

    Multiplayer pvp games created for premades will never be as popular as games balanced for the solo experience.

    You can't just ask to solo to just deal with the frustration to not have enough impact on the mach result.

    Edit : i want to add that it's extremely long to get mods. I played for more than 20h and i still need a lot of mods. It's annoying 'cause creating different build for each character is a part of the fun too. It allows you to change your gameplay...

  • What you said is true, but you need to keep 2 things in mind :

    1. This game is so new. A lot of people have below average intelligence, which means they need time to get better at the game. So, it's impossible to expect good solo games right now. They are getting better, however. But there is still a long way...

    2. Although it is possible to carry a game in other multiplayer games, it's not very likely to happen. In every damn multiplayer game, you NEED to have a good team. That's why people do not play ranked matches solo. Because no matter how good you are, if a teammate sucks so bad, you are not playing 6v6 or 5v5 or whatever. You have one less team member, and the only way for your team to win, is if the enemy gets too confident and take it easy, or they also have teammates that suck. I don't understand why people are making this subject such a big deal here, since it exists in every multiplayer game ! I think it's because you can really FEEL it here, and it is painful, indeed. But as soon as the matchmaking becomes better and people start to learn the game, it won't be as frustrating, but still, it's a multiplayer game for God sake!

  • @Omid-RG In other multiplayers game you can carry 'cause you are able to kill someone in 2s without an "ultimate" ability. In this game where we are only 4 people in a team, if ONE dude does not make the job, it fucks up the entire team. Not like when you do 8v8 pvp for exemple.