Competitive game mode + role picking

  • I think the game is great and awesome and so far it does seem really well balanced. Much like overwatch or other moba games it really relies on you team well, acting as a team. That is all well and good, but I think there only being a "casual" mode to play in makes it hard to try to win when you have people joining the game that have clearly never played anything similar. I completely understand that the game is fresh and new and the player base is going to be very diverse, but I really hope that sometime soon a competitive mode can be added to the game. I find very often that I am quite literally the only person in the game playing the objective, and when people do play the objective, I am constantly having to play in a tank or a support role when I really want to play as a damage role. I hate going and comparing new games to other games that have been out for a while, but I think overwatch does a great job where you pick your role before queueing. That way you get with people who actually want to tank and actually want to support and you have to stick to that role throughout the match. All in all it is a great game with a few balancing issues but I think the biggest improvements is locking in roles, possibly expanding the team sizes to have enough of each role, and hopefully down the line a proper competitive game mode which I'm sure the developers have thought of.