Competitive + server fix + a few character balances

  • Game needs competitive

    Game will drastically develope more than what it is now
    Reward the players that decide to improve themselves in the game
    Give developers ease of mind when it comes to updates as they can listen to more competitive standpoints and will allow >for more balanced characters (unlike Maeve which idk what the devs were on while making her) and better gameplay
    Will stop newer players or the casual players from meeting your usual "I'm better than you in every way possible" kind of >players

    Might bring toxic players

    The server fix is self explanatory, fix the damn servers before any future updates. Game is literally unplayable as it is now and will die fast if you dont fix them soon

    Known bugs:
    Getting the death noise and watching the player die and come back to life
    Players teleporting when dodging
    when you landing a hit first on your screen but them combo locking you

    -Character balances:

    -Maeve (You all knew this was coming):
    -needs to have a drastic increase to her cage and siphon ability cooldown

    -just needs a damage nerf as for a tank she is outputting to much damage
    -oil slick slowdown needs a slight nerf