World building, please!

  • I have a few questions about the world and setting of Bleeding Edge.

    1. What connections do the misfits share? We know they're all part of a fight club. But how else are they associated? Are any of them friends, rivals, family, maybe even lovers?

    2. How are the augmented seen in this society? Are they all criminalized, or is it just certain augs that are illegal. Do you need a license?

    3. What do the maps look like? Are there still countries? Or did corporations or a one-world government take over?

    4. We've seen technology do things in Bleeding Edge that would be magical in other settings. So are there people who worship technology? Are there techno-religious zealots?

    5. Did augmentation technology develop from purely human efforts? Or did it come from reverse engineering alien tech? Or maybe even a long dead civilization?

    That's all for now. Thank you for your time.

  • @Brian-Orcus
    1- They all came in one place to test their augments, they're more of a family.

    2-Most of them are augmented in an illegal way through the black market, plus they're seen as bad not criminals, but the fights of BE are seen as criminal.

    3-Countries still exist, there's corporations who manipulate them though.

    4- That would be so cool, the zealots and religious groups, worshiping machines.

    5-100% human effort.