Balance, Chars, Healing, Role lock e.t.c

  • I have 3 Chars over level 15 so i think i have enough gametime to build an opinion.

    Overall balance in game is fine, there are only a few chars who need a nerf or a buff in my opinion.

    Buttercup should toned down a bit. She is hard to kill, hits hard, has good skills and a good ult. The thing who has to got nerved is definitely the oil slick and the slowing effect. Its like you cant move at the time.

    Gizmo, i really dont like Gizmo. The chars concept is like just stand still and hold the fire button = a lot of profit. Her range and here damage should get neved a little bit.

    Maeve oh Maeve the Mei of Bleeding Edge. Cage is the most annoying thing in this game, the most op and also the hardest to doge. If you in the cage and they coming for you, you already dead, thats it. Its not balanced and last way to long. The other thing is her beam. The beam does to mutch damage and the other thing is, if she use her beam and i hit her with punches the beam ability should be interrupted. At the time it does not.

    Zero Cool. Just tone down hes heal and make hes heal beam on a meter bar so he cant use it the whole time and has to recharge it, like Dva Matrix in Overwatch. Then move Kulevs Passiv to Zero Cool while he still keep hes own passiv but regens slower and give Kulev a new one.

    Niđhöggr i think hes damage output need to tone down a little bit.

    Makutu need some love and a buff dont know but he feels like the worst of all chars and not very usefull in my opinion.

    All the others looking ok to me.

    Healing. Healing is a problem in this game in my opinion and it looks like double heal is gonna be meta.
    If this is the case, then i will not have good times in this game because its unfun to play. With double heals its really hard to kill anybody and if the enemy team plays double heal and you dont, you will loose.

    This brings us to role lock. I played Overwatch since release and after 3 years or so it got role lock.
    What i can tell from this is that role lock makes the game a lot better and the matches more enjoyable.
    So Bleeding Edge need role lock and it should be 2-2-1 means you can double tank and one DD or double DD and one tank but only one healer in both cases. Then we look how it goes.

    Overall i like the game and enjoying it except the thing i said 🙂 I hope they bring us content for the game fast and fix things so i can even more enjoying it.

  • Role lock in overwatch is actually really unfun from what I've seen. Since you can't talk with your team and freely swap if someone is doing poorly. Like you're dps and the tank is doing bad. Back in the day I'd go "Here I'll tank, or let me heal and you do this." Role lock really throws away any chance for stuff like that. Like I'm fine with role lock so someone can't just swap dps and we have no healer with zero communication, but maybe if like 2 people are in spawn you could, at the same time, swap roles then I'd be cool with it.

  • @Swanky-Sambo I wouldn't want role lock. If they go double heal then go anti-heal mods. And I disagree with most of your balance opinions.