Damage and healing indication

  • I've spent nearly 3 days worth of game time and it has been an absolute blast. I've have a positive win rate on every role and lack a positive win rate on only 3 heroes: Nidhogg, Gizmo, and the Bastard so it should be easy to tell that I'm experienced and have a bit of knowledge. Lately I've been developing specialized builds but have run into a bit of snag. I want to be able to see how much damage/healing I'm doing so I can tell how effective a build is.

    Cass is my highest win rate hero as well as my most played. My mod builds for her are as follows; a dagger kiting build, a rake drive bomb build, and a build that focuses on dealing as much damage with "bladedance" as possible. I would like there to be an option to turn on an indicator that shows how much damage/healing is being done. If there is some method to turn this function on I must have missed it and would appreciate someone letting me know how to activate it. For a better representation of what I mean watch gameplay of Borderlands, League of Legends or other MOBA's. Numbers popping off of the target you are damaging/healing are a great representation of what you are actually doing to them.

  • @thetruepilliger I think this would make the screen cluttered with info. This game has a lot of effects as it is, a lot of stuff going on. I suppose if they do implement it, it needs to be removable. Perhaps this would be useful in dojo mainly.

  • @CAPO-9 Fair point. The numbers representing whatever healing and damage could appear at a character's feet, since most icons and status effects are shown above the hero. Another option would be to have self healing/healing recieved appear next to your health bar while damage done could appear in the bottom right corner next abilities.