Game mode idea : Spawn Assault

  • I used to play a game called Robocraft, and it was really fun, until the devs decided to ruin it for no reason, and yea it's garbage now. But it had one game mode that I loved, and that inspired me for a game mode I'm bringing up here...

    The rules are simple: You have a totem or something in your spawn, and as long as it exists, you will respawn. Also the spawn is protected by a shield just like the way it is now. There are some "Energy Crystals" scattered around the map, which can have 3 colors : blue (for your team), red (for the enemy team) and white (belongs to none of the teams). As long as there is at least one active crystal for a team, their spawn shield is active.
    And at the beginning, there is one crystal active for each team , and the rest are white. Players of blue team can damage the red and white crystals. If the white crystal suffers enough damage, it becomes blue and belongs to the team, and if the red crystal suffers enough damage, it becomes white, so they can keep pumping damage into it and capture it. The crystals have massive hp, so the whole team needs to focus on it. So the goal is to destroy all of the enemy crystal and attack their spawn to destroy their totem. But here is the thing. The enemy can just ignore them and go to recapture a crystal, and the enemy needs to be aware of that. Because if they all stay in the opposite spawn and the shield reactivates, they are trapped in there and can't do anything about it, and the enemy can easily rush into their base. Also, a team that has lost its totem, will lose after 5 minutes. And if both totems are destroyed, it becomes a death match with 5 minutes of time, and at the end, the team that has the most members alive, wins. Or there might be a tie if they have equal members.