NERF these 3 characters!***

  • These 3 characters are in SERIOUS need of nerfing!!!
    Buttercups fat @$$, Nid Hogger and El Bastard!

    NID HOGGER isn’t even a tank and he has 950hp, PLUS crazy damage output! He has 2 moves that ignite players and chip away at your health regardless if he’s doing additional damage and ONE of them is just a basic move. Combo that with the rest of his abilities and his damage output and you’re looking at an almost 1 to 2 combo chain kill easily depending on the character. You can “Boomitar” which stuns, followed by “Shredder” which ignites, then follow up with the basic attack chain which at the end knocks you on your @$$ giving you plenty of time to catch back up only needing to land 1 or 2 more hits, if you’re a lower HP character, because all the wile “Shredder” has been chipping away at the health the whole time. And with 950hp that’s just RIDICULOUS! ALSO combo that with Zero Cools healing and he’s un-killable.

    Apply all that to El BASTARD and it’s the same situation! Only he’s the most OP character in the game as long as he’s doing damage. “Empower” alone makes him STUPID OP! Its a shield that boosts his HP to over 1300 by stealing health from enemies and as long as you’re doing damage to someone it will keep resetting to 1300 or not drop. Has a 14 second cool down but that doesn’t matter as long as you’re slashing someone the whole time cuz then you just hit it again and do it all over. His damage output is decent and at the end of the chain it sends you flying on your @$$ just like Nid Hogger giving him time to reset and follow up with another chain. Let’s put a cherry on top by having Zero Cool heal the whole time and he might as well have infinite “Unbreakable” which is one of his supers that makes him invincible for 5 seconds. Are you kidding me?! How can anyone NOT see that this Bastard NEEDS to be fixed?!

    Buttercup is just annoying AF! Her “Yank” ability has way too much range and you don’t even need to aim it. It doesn’t even make sense either. I know it’s a video game but it’s pretty much Scorpions grab move but with a saw blade tire? If anything it should be a ranged damage ability and not a grab. Her crowd control is too good in general. She has 1200hp and for a fat chick she’s a little too quick. Cmon.

    These 3 characters are broke and NEED to be fixed!!!

  • @f-i-x-e-r-1138 buttercup seems op for sure. I’m not sure how I feel about tanks not flinching when a combo is commenced on them, it seems a bit unfair imo, at least when it’s a tank against tank. I noticed Bastardo gets interrupted by buttercup. Her and Makuto barely flinch. Flinching actually seems random, not sure what causes them to flinch— I guess certain attacks within a combo.

  • @f-i-x-e-r-1138 Where's maeve in this????? Betturcup and el bastardo are really easy to deal with when you're with your team. I hate how nid's stun works, but don't see him as broken as maeve.

  • Yea the no flinching thing for sure is wack! I was speaking towards a 1v1 situation for the most part though. I mean if you’re with your team you can deal with anyone no prob. I mean that’s the point of the whole game is to stay with your team, but in a 1v1 scenario if you’re going against those said characters then you might as well put down the stick.

    And I see everyone’s problem with Maeve but honestly... I thinks people’s only real problem is that they just don’t like her. Everyone acts like she’s OP and broken but just cuz you might find her “annoying” doesn’t mean she’s broken. She’s not a beast like the 3 characters I mentioned. She has cool abilities and you definitely have to watch out for her but if she in a 1v1 situation with any of those 3 characters and she doesn’t manage to get away... she’s f@#%ed. Cmon. When you hit her she flinches. Her cage only last for LITERALLY 2 seconds, which is not long AT ALL. But just long enough for her to finish you off if you’re playing her right. She’s not fast and can be out ran. Her “TAT” Super is legit but it’s not a one hit kill by any means. Her other super sucks really. Her “Siphon Life” ability is just an another ability. Not like it drains your health completely in a couple seconds and fully heals herself. And the range isn’t that great. She only has 700hp and lastly yes, she can vanish... but whoop de doo! It’s not for that long and Daemon can do the same thing but I don’t see too many people bitching about that. And he can turn nearly completely invisible and just goal tend and there’s not shit you can do about it until he decides to attack you. I guess that’s ok though.

    Just to be clear and this goes without being said but of course I feel like it needs to be said for those dingbats who will always make this stupid argument... yes there are those situations where maybe you have your super ready to go and come across one of them tanks in a 1v1 and you happen to get it off... THEN yea it’s possible to come out of that scenario alive. But that goes for all characters and it’s not like that’s the case every time. Nobody has their super rocking for EVERY single battle. And in the words of the great Dr. Malcolm, “there it is.”