Improvements for Social Tab Wishlist *Keep this Game going y'all got something gold here*

    1. Communication : Ability to whisper a person on your friends list to coordinate making a group.

    2. Guild/Clan system : As a team based game something like this would help keep the momentum in the community going. By giving the community a tool like this it would greatly keep the replay ability aspect, and encourage people to play together more easily / make friends in game more naturally. Like a giant friends list with people who have a similer mindset about the game or common goal aka Ranked Players, New Player Mentors, and other different mindsets. A ton of games that are like this overlook the social benefit of a system like this, and due to that toxicity sets in when you have constant conflict due to varying play style mentalities

    3. Looking For Group : think of a in game social tab where you can advertise what you are looking for to build a team for organized play or general fun play. I like using Overwatches bare bone system as an example where a player browses the listings that others posted in real time. It's simple, and easier to use then creating a Guild/Clan system. This would help stifle the one sided matches that are occurring, and just like the above feature you are more likely to make friends then just playing the RNG match maker with randos.

    Honestly I've had a lot of fun in this game , and really want to see it succeed it plays well just lacking some core elements that are going to conflict with the team biased nature of it all. Overwatch was fun at the start then the Toxicty set in due to a lack of developer to player understanding of the social climate. I really don't want this game to go down that path as a long time player of MMORPGs, Mobas, and FPS's Social groups keeps games like this going just by literally existing. You are more likely to log in if you see friends you made or a group that you are now apart of social psychology.

  • Completely agreeing with your post, it really needs these features.

  • Ty. I really am optimistic about Ninja Theory's direction tbh, but after seeing so many devs start hot and literally stop still worried. Here is hoping because a game like this can net so many people just by improving some small social elements. The game is smooth, and honestly that tutorial KUDDOS . For some people who this will be their first character style game the into was actually so well done. The devs got passion.