General feedback and future updates

  • I played the first beta release and loved the game. Really excited to see updates and how you introduce new features and improvements.

    Game modes
    Team death match
    Free for all
    Team leader
    I think game modes would be the first and biggest feature in demand featuring team based as well as fun and interactive modes. Maybe in the future payload-Esque features which would need suited map variables but that’s something for the future. I personally would love the choice of a game mode even for the 2 we already have as I prefer capturing zones much more than delivering the capsules.


    This will definitely be on the way but thinking about more and more emits, skins and boards is something which will always be in demand. Maybe once there is a bigger selection introduce more animated emotes and skins.

    loot boxes

    Controversial. I personally think theres right and wrong ways to do loot boxes. But I think having the feature with a good balance of how to obtain them would benefit the game and give players something more to play towards. Maybe you buy them with credits or scrap or even make a new currency? Or you just unlock one as you level up? With loot boxes would come transactions, possibly. I think the game earning money can only help improve it and bring better features but let’s try to stay away from EA-type of transactions

    option to leave game after game

    After the games end I like to look at highlights as well as starts sometimes what slightly bugs me is the fact I only have about 15 seconds in which I really only see one highlight. Surely players should be able to manually leave game and not when a timer gets to 0.

    That being said I think the way highlights are done could be improved maybe shift more focus on people using ultras which accumulate more points? At the moment they seem very lacklustre and maybe this means modifying DPS etc with buffs and nerfs?

    sportsmanship/endorsement system

    Bringing in some sort of player feedback system I think would be great. If you have a great healer on your team you can endorse them in a type of way. This would let other players know what type of player they’re getting and what kind of opponents they’re facing although very overwatch based I’m sure the devs can find ways of making a system of their own.

    Keep up the great work I think the game has a lot of potential and really want to see updates coming in as I love these types of games

  • You already have lootbox mechanics with mods so NO. BIG NO! It is enough!!
    Agree to anything else.