The skygarden map problem

  • It's the only map when you can get spawn killed 4 times in a row.

    When somebody manages to dies, you just have to abandon it all and die with that person, you don't have anywhere to hide before your teammates respawn, since the map is so small compared to the others. There's the "BONG" things so people stop contesting points but most of the time it's more detrimental to both teams than it truly helps.

    Every time somebody dies you have to wait in the spawn and if some player decides to go solo, it's respawn time 24/7, trapping you in that vicious circle, since it's so easy to spawn camp on that map.

    On capture the power cells mode if someone flings himself off an edge, there's no way you're able to take those power cells back since they get stuck on that edge and because it's slippery, you just die if you try to get those cells back. It's the only map I had so much problems with. I wish the powercells would respawn on the normal floor.