Nidhogger needs a bit of a nerf

  • I believe that Nidhogger is a little too strong and tanky when it comes to engaging them. When it comes to how tanky he can be, his health pool with the bonus health mod is just shy of being the same health of a tank. Maybe decrease the max health of Nidhogger down by like 100 points considering he has a decent life steal and has the greatest amount of health in the damage hero category. His combos and damage I think is fine, only the stun lock with his boomerang axe can be very powerful at times. If I'm facing a Nidhogger solo, most of the time they will hit me about 2 or 3 times, throw the axe to stun lock me for a few seconds, then continue the combo. Maybe decrease the stun lock time by a second or half a second to allow someone to get away before they get devastated from the combo.