Please Consider

  • Please dont mistake, i extremely love this game. Surprisingly never really got into overwatch, smite was never a game that took over as much as it should and this one is a mix of both which has great potential. Yet... I know the game came out no more then 2 days ago but it seems like the amount of thought that was put into it was half fast coming towards the release. For example. Youre going to say because i leave a quickmatch gamedue to irresponsible teammates or simply because they are just not as good as me i gain a penalty? Also me being a Maeve main I notice 2 things: 1 being that cloak invincibility isnt really "invincibility" as i try to run a way and still take damage and die. 2. the vaulting takes to long to get on your hoverboard, so youre telling me that the vaulting is supposed to be an evasive maneuver but I have to stand still and be vulnerable before i can escape?yea no. and this is just on one character i play i hope people who have other mains speak out and the devs actually consider our thought. other than that great game. Like up if you agree. 🙂