End of game Credits

  • Not sure if its a bug but every time I get top heals etc I am supposed to get 5 credits, the coins do their link from the on screen to the top into your credit balance but my balance does not go up with the 5 credits.
    So if I get 16 credits ( and thats being generous ) then the screen pops up saying I have top heals then goes to give me 5 credits, my max credits for that game should be 21 credits, but it stays at 16.

    Then 203 games later I can buy a trail for my board.

  • @SilentParasite I don’t think this is a bug but I think this dose need to be increased massively I play a game and get 50 credits max how long is the game expecting me to save up for all the skins, emotes and boards. To the devs please increase this it’s just to low