Matchmaking is still horrible

  • This is getting frustrating. Most games are not even close. There is a complete lack of any kind of legitimate matchmaking system that makes a fair match. Why would anyone want to keep playing when its 300 - 10 in capturing the objective? People are quitting because matchmaking is garbage. Now you don't even get hardly anything for completing a match anyways. I don't blame people for quitting when most matches aren't even remotely competitive.

  • @Kosrae34 joining a match when my team is losing 400-0 is just wrong, what is the point to even try? And I can't leave it for the penalty, so what should I do? Wait in the base?
    The Matchmaking in BE is the worst, sometimes it takes 30 seconds to get a match and sometimes it takes 7 minutes.
    And yeah it is not balanced.

    I hope they fix it

  • Matchmaker is bigest crap ever,just find you match,nothing else,and yes its unfair.

  • Im 3-16 today btw.

  • I have turned around some matches that we were behind maybe 200 pts on, even when half my team left it is possible. 400 though, lololol kk...
    Regular matchmaking can just give you random ppl by best ping. Some people want this.
    Ranked should give you ppl based on mmr. Some people want this, too.

    My fav is when I say group up 3 times and then two people group but one just runs and kills himself

  • I assume they're using some sort of SBMM (skill based matchmaking) system, and it will improve as more days go by and people's skill stats get adjusted. I hope, anyway...