just experienced something broken with parry

  • so I was playing buttercup and was fighting a miko, 1v1 i had her cornerd, however she just spammed parry. as a buttercup, i cannot use parry. so she would spam parry and return hits to me. i was then unable to outdamage her healing ability. i tried heavy attacks, jump attacks, abilities. nothing i did mattered, cause i couldnt combo her and out damage her heals. eventually she just killed me.

    is this how its supposed to be? cause i literally dont see how i could kill her at all. is parrying supposed to make someone unkillable? cause idk it definately didnt feel good to me. seems broken.

    i guess this is a somewhat, miko is abit broken maybe/ parry is abit broken for her. plus buttercup and makutu cant parry so what are they supposed to do anyways. although even if i did parry her, i was unable to damage her. it would only make the 1v1 longer and mean i prolonged my death. so am i just supposed to not take 1v1s against miko. cause in that case, miko is basically a tank healer if you know what you are doing.