Think Big

  • First of all I'm not so good at english so I'll make an effort to make it understandable.

    Hi, I've played the closed beta for a couple games. What I find is a game for the most part entertaining, it's a teamfight every second that doesn't waste opportunity to make strategy come out. It's a game with unique visual appeal and can do great things.

    The first thing I noticed while playing was the large number of banners and advertising on the map with lore of the game. What came to my mind was "why not use all those banners with real advertising?" Sprite, Mnt Dew, Nike, Adidas ... come to mind ... but not only for advertising purposes, but also to make special edition skins with these brands as a kind of campaign. In short, the skins, dances, taunts and any detail of personalization has shown that they are a good source of income, I think this game can be a before and after where nothing related to gaming brands are made interested in participating and negotiating, winning presence in eSports, etc.
    Not only brands, but a very big hype could be to include packages with bands such as Metallica, AC / DC, Slipknot for my favorite character Nidhoggr where a special skin related to the band is made, an emote and an effect of his ultimate ability where a fragment of a popular song from each band plays, again this as special editions, negotiating for the benefit of the bands' image rights creditors and for the benefit of Bleeding Edge (which can be a monstrous game) .

    Another point but regarding the gameplay, which is already fun as it's shown. Maybe, I just say maybe a system that rewards someone who does well even if the team does poorly would be good. Perhaps perhaps this does not discourage many who think that if their team fails to connect due to bad luck and they lose, at least this reward can be an impulse for those people with a lot of skill to want to continue playing, giving them more opportunities to enjoy the game for his own, although I know that the orientation is towards teamfight.

    Well, I hope this letter falls on the right channel and that it serve as something to inspire great things for Bleeding Edge.
    Greetings from MX to UK.