Play of the Game

  • Title says it all, make a play of the game more like Overwatch and Paladins rather than having the "final play" of people just standing around or walking in circles. It's boring - it's never been good like that on any game except for rainbow 6 siege.

    I think the way this is balanced in most games is a balance between kills, damage (for a game like this), and environmental kills (these kills counting for significantly more) and whichever has the highest score gets it. I have no idea how this actually works or how one would make a system like this but people already have - it shouldn't be that hard to do something similar

  • @xBobbyWave during the alpha they had the same thing with "Play of the game" which people of course just stand there or they actually did something but then it switched to who did the most damage, multi kills, environmental kills, and etc and the players had the chance to give a thumbs up for which replay they liked. I don't why they changed it just by showing the last gameplay and then if you really wanted you could push RB to see the replays.

    Though out my play time during the beta I hardly saw anyone tapping RB to see the replays and give a thumbs up to each player who got multi kills, damage dealt, most damage taken, and etc.

  • Could definitely use a rework. I rarely found myself paying attention to it. Nice idea, OP

  • Agreed, it does need something else